abs light stays on ford explorer

ABS Warning Light Came On? - Ford Explorer Ranger Enthusiasts.

Ford Explorer XLS: My advtrac light and abs light lite up on.
I have a 2002 XLT Explorer. The ABS light comes on after about 45 minutes of highway driving and stays on. The next day the light will be off.
Explorer ABS Light Explorer, Sport Trac, Mountaineer & Aviator.. Ford Truck Enthusiasts, The Internet's Leading Ford Trucks Resource, F150 .. If the light still stays on, I'd replace the rear diff sensor. Like Ranger372 says, it's.
ABS light stays on - Ford Explorer Ranger Enthusiasts "Serious.

abs light stays on ford explorer

blinking 4X4 light and ABS light stays on - Ford Explorer Ranger Enthusiasts "Serious Explorations"® - Ford Explorer and Ranger Enthusiast Forums.
Get free help, tips & support from top experts on abs light stays related issues.... .abs light on in 2009 ford transit how do i eliminate them Anti lock brake system.
I own a 2004 Limited Explorer, 4WD, V8. My truck only has 42,xxx miles on it and is NOT by any means driven hard or in rough territory.
Ford Explorer Sport Trac Ford Ranger Mazda Navajo Mercury. The ABS light came on and the 4x4 high light is blinking 8 times every 2 or 3 minutes.. blinking 4X4 light and ABS light stays on, dannyb420, Stock 2002.
My ABS warning light came on this last week when I started up the truck. I cleared the electrical the other day to reset it, but it stays on. I havn't.
When I back up and touch the brakes, the abs kicks on but at any time mentioned above the ABS light stays out. Now if I take a hard right turn.

Explorer ABS Light - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums.

My 1993 xlt just went for inspection now my abs light stays on garage was closed when i picked it up.Brakes work fine but light stays on.
I have a 1998 UP Explorer XT and the orange ABS light is now remaining illuminated. Is it known to cause the ABS light to stay illuminated?
ABS light is on with the 2003 Ford Explorer.. finally gave up. It stays on all the time but my brakes work, and I can i would suggest to just leave it alone.
7 Jul 2012. abs light coms on ford explorer.. Source: ABS Light / Sensor on 1996 Ford Explorer. my abs light and engine light comeson and stays on.
Ford Explorer ABS Light Stays on |

abs light stays on ford explorer

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